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Ice dams can sneak up on you very quickly to then cause significant and expensive damage to your roof. It is a common problem that occurs on the roofs of Minnesota homes every winter and one that must be addressed immediately to keep water from infiltrating the roof and causing damage to the overall structure of the home. An ice dam may look harmless from the ground, but it is what is occurring behind the wall of ice that causes all of the trouble.

What Are Ice Dams?

After it has snowed, the sun or the heat from inside the home may cause the snow on the roof to melt. Sometimes, the water will run to the roof’s edge to then freeze before it runs off. This creates a ridge of ice that simply grows larger and larger as more runoff occurs. Eventually, water is trapped behind it. The roof may have warm spots that keep this water from turning to ice, so it sits there with nowhere to go. Eventually it finds a place to go through any cracks in the roof.

If the water finds cracks in the roof, the water will find its way into your attic or even into the walls of the home. Many times, homeowners are not aware of the water leaking into the home until it’s too late. Perhaps one day the homeowner must go into the attic to then find the leakage or water streaks may begin to show on walls. This is why as soon as the ice dam is noticed, a Minneapolis ice dam removal company must be contacted to eliminate it before it becomes an expensive problem.

Ice Dam Prevention

The good news is that future ice dams can be prevented by allowing us to utilize one of our Minneapolis ice dam solutions, which starts with removing snow from a roof since snow is the main ingredient for ice dam formation. Roof temperature is the second ingredient. When an ice dam has already formed and there is water behind it, creating a channel through the dam for the water to drain will help significantly. This should be done immediately until the ice dam can be removed.

For the long-term, the ceiling within the home needs to be made air tight. This ensures that none of the warm air within the home rises into the attic where the roof can be warmed. Roof insulation should also be increased to avoid heat loss. The downfall to this is that the snow load on your roof will become heavier because it will not be able to melt. If the roof is built to current codes, however, it should be able to handle the weight. If not, professional snow removal is the key and much more affordable than if the roof was to sustain damage from a heavy snow load or an ice dam. Overall, through professional ice dam removal Minneapolis residents are saving a significant amount of money and reducing their needs to make insurance claims that may be turned down.

Contact A Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal Company

If you have an ice dam or you wish to prevent one from wreaking havoc on your roof and the overall structure of your home, Glacier Companies can help you. Prevention will save you a significant amount of money in the long-term just as immediate intervention can prevent damage to your roof. For your free estimate, call us at 612-202-2930 and we will be more than happy to come to your home when it is convenient for you and tell you how we can address any existing ice dams and/or prevent future ones.

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