Seamless Gutter Systems Can Prevent Accidents

Would you believe that gutter systems tend to lead people to some rather nasty ladder falls? Well, if you have ever climbed a ladder to deal with your gutter system or you know someone who has, then you believe this.

In fact, the U.S. Government Product Safety Commission says that ladder falls account for 59% of fall deaths in individuals aged 65-74. This is a rather staggering figure.

One of the most common reasons as to why someone climbs a ladder is because they have something to take care of with their roof or their gutters. Usually, it is the gutters because they can become clogged. In fact, someone in Minnesota is probably climbing a ladder right now, clearing their gutter of leaves that have fallen from nearby trees.

Now, let’s look at what your gutters are supposed to do for you: The main thing is to protect the home by collecting water when it rains or when snow melts and directing that water away from the foundation of the home through the downspouts. This keeps water from entering the basement through the foundation walls.

In the mid-1960s, gutters were installed on homes in 10 foot sections and they were joined together by lap seams. Unfortunately, the seams would start to leak over time due to the adhesive drying up and the seam expanding and contracting. Years later, seamless gutters would be introduced and manufactured at the work site. This did away with leaking seams. However, there was still an issue with the fact the gutters were open and susceptible to clogging by debris and leaves. Fortunately, a number of products have been created to prevent this. Toppers, screens, and filters can keep a lot of debris out of the gutter system.

This prevented a great deal of people from climbing ladders to clean out or repair their gutters.

While the number of accidents reduces with the installation of seamless gutters and the products that are used to keep debris out of them, there are still some individuals climbing ladders to check on the gutter systems. They may think it is too expensive for a professional to look at them and make any necessary repairs. The fact is that it is not as expensive as some may think.

Having a professional install the gutters, inspect them, and maintain them can help reduce the 59% of falls to a number that is less devastating. This figure is only taking into account a certain age group, however. Individuals of all ages experience these types of falls every day. Some result in minor injuries, while others can be deadly.



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