Replacing Older Windows Shows Better ROI and Energy Savings

Residential buildings and homes account for nearly 20% of the carbon dioxide emissions and energy use in the United States. The most common inefficiency contributing to this number is the old window. These windows have inferior curtains, poor seals, and a number of other issues that can make an old window a person’s personal energy crisis. This is especially true for the individual living on a budget that would benefit greatly financially if their windows performed well.

A new study released on October 2nd shows that doing such things as replacing and retrofitting older windows can be much cheaper than hanging on to the older windows. Decades worth of research was analyzed in the study, which looked at the performance of double hung windows. The study looked at carbon, relative energy, and the savings that are achieved when the old windows are no longer a factor.

The conclusion stated that upgrading windows, in addition to applying insulating shades, can result in a great deal of energy savings in practically any climate zone.

Everything from weather stripping to sealing and insulation are important factors. Adding cellular shades to the new windows can result in an even better return on investment for an individual. In addition, newer windows tend to last a very long time and that means they will more than pay for themselves. They also add to the personality of the home.

The most significant detail, however, is how much cool air will stay in during the summer and how much warm air will stay in the home during the winter. This is one of the main factors that dictates how hard the heating and air have to work to keep the residence a comfortable temperature.

For those that have a difficult time deciding what to do about their windows, the National Center for Preservation Training and Technology’s executive director, Kirk Cordell, couldn’t have said it better. He said that careful planning can affordably increase energy efficiency in a residential building or home without compromising the quality of the design or the historic character of the home.


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